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The Scioto County Infirmary Mound

We were fortunate enough to attend the presentation “The Scioto County, Ohio, Infirmary Mounded Feature in Regional and Temporal (3000 BC to AD 400) Context by Dr. Jonathan E. “Jeb” Bowen. The presentation was sponsored by the Arc of Appalachia and presented at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center in Portsmouth, Ohio, on November …


Virtual Tour: Ball Cemetery in the French Grant

On April 8, 2023, we made our second visit to Ball Cemetery, in Franklin Furnace, Green Township, Scioto County, Ohio. Our initial visit was in March 2020, but circumstances limited our ability to return until this week. This rural area is originally known as the French Grant as it was a tract land federally granted …


Virtual Tour: A Return to Kronk Cemetery

Our second virtual cemetery tour of Kronk Cemetery, also known as Pearl Cemetery, off of White Gravel-McDaniel Road in Madison Township, Scioto County, Ohio. We had originally visited this cemetery back in February 2023 and upon speaking with a nearby resident and cemetery caretaker were invited back to visit when the daffodils were in bloom. …


Virtual Tour: English-Thomson Cemetery

On February 20, 2023 we made a trip to English-Thomson Cemetery in Greenup County, Kentucky. The area has been known as Beattyville and South Portsmouth and was reached by traveling west on Kentucky Route 8 from the Carl Perkins Bridge to Sandy’s Lane which is less than a mile from the bridge. The lane terminates …


A Walking Tour of Thompson-Strate Cemetery

A cemetery tour of Thompson-Strate Cemetery, in Bloom Township, Scioto County, Ohio, near Pine Creek Road and Wayne National Forest. This small family cemetery lies on a broad and ranging ridgeline adjacent to Wayne National Forest and near the Scioto County and Lawrence County border. Research into the area indicates that this may have been …

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