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Martin Luther Wolford Dies at Athens Hospital

“Judge Sikes on Thursday received a telegram announcing the death of Mark K. Wolfard, a Scioto county patient at the Athens hospital. He was committed in March, 1906, and has rapidly declined.” “Before his affliction, Mr. Wolfard was a prominent school teacher of the west end of the county. His condition resulted in sickness and …


Dying Wish is Held Sacred

Charles E. Winters, a clothing designer from New York, is leaving his position at Schwartz Clothing in Portsmouth to join his brother JR Winters in a new business in Easton, Pennsylvania, following the former proprietor’s death. The opportunity at the leading tailoring store in Easton is deemed a lifetime chance.


Infant Dies from Eating Contaminated Beef

“A four-year old daughter of Mr. Silver, son-in-law of Mr. Reynolds who recently bought the WJ Shannon farm at Mt. Joy died from ptomaine poisoning caused from eating canned beef at their home in West Virginia last week just as the family was ready to move to Ohio.” “The remains were brought to Mt. Joy …

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Paternity Case Decided

“It required a jury in Judge Blair’s court just forty minutes Thursday morning, to bring in a verdict of guilty in the paternity case of Lucille Liming against James Piatt. The trial started late Wednesday and was resumed at the opening of court Thursday morning. The complainant went on the stand and named the defendant …

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Ephemera Friday #18: Grand Opera House Program

The four-paged paper program (Number 65. Friday, February 27, 1903) for Portsmouth, Ohio’s Grand Opera House for the 1902-1903 season. The first page includes advertisements for local businesses such as John Vetter, a tailor, and Haas, Schwartz & Co., a retailer of suits, overcoats, and trousers, and jeweler CH Harris. The program also mentions a …

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The Twin Creek War and News from Buena Vista

“No battle as yet between the Roman Regulators and the Twin Creek tribe . The latter ‘hold the fort,’ which is built like the old-fashioned blockhouse in which the pioneers fought against the Indians. It is situated close to the head of Twin Creek, well supplied with guns and ammunition. A guard is stationed each …