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The Scioto County Infirmary Mound

We were fortunate enough to attend the presentation “The Scioto County, Ohio, Infirmary Mounded Feature in Regional and Temporal (3000 BC to AD 400) Context by Dr. Jonathan E. “Jeb” Bowen. The presentation was sponsored by the Arc of Appalachia and presented at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center in Portsmouth, Ohio, on November …


Longer Runway Will Be Sought for Raven Rock Airport

“Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce Aviation committee discussed plans Friday afternoon to enlarge Raven Rock airport runway and to seek civil aeronautics board approval of the port as a class 2 airport.” “B. Leroy Compton, chairman of the committee, reported that a 3500 foot runway will be required to land commercial planes. The airport site has …


Constable Evan’s Gruesome Experience

“Constable Bruce Evans had a gruesome experience Sunday afternoon. A man drove up from the county infirmary to see him and told him that he had seen a body floating down the Ohio river. He was unable to get close enough to get it. Constable Evans immediately got a skiff and started down the river. …

Image of Bloody Run Creek
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The Legend of Bloody Run and Jim Peyton

“I promised last week to say something about ‘Bloody Run,’ which cuts its way through the hills north of Otway and if the readers of the Times will indulge me, I will conclude my Otway article, with something pertaining to that, and a few anecdotes which I picked up about old Jim Peyton, a whilsom …

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Indian Wife Returns to Bill

“The half-breed Indian wife of Bill Guy, a Negro shanty-boatman, and who disappeared from their family boat at the mount of Pond Run, has returned to her former haunts.” “The woman was seen wandering about the willows and brushwood near Pond Creek Saturday and after considerable difficulty was brought to bay by her dusky spouse.” …

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The Death of John Jeffords

“John Jeffords, a native of Scioto county, who died at his home in Wellston Sunday was buried Tuesday on his sixteenth birthday anniversary. He was a brother of Mrs. George Terry and an uncle of Mrs. Charles Noel of this city.” “Mr. Jeffords was born in Carey’s run community. His parents were Josiah and Mary …


The Obituary of George Jeffords

“Hear trouble from which George Jeffords, a native of Scioto county, had suffered for a long time, resulted in his death in Portsmouth General hospital Saturday morning at 5:45 o’clock. He was removed to the hospital Thursday from his room, 1020 Clay street.” “Mr. Jeffords was 76 years of age and was born in the …

Scioto County Infirmary

Restoration Efforts Approved by Scioto County Commissioners

During the regular scheduled January 27, 2022, meeting of the Scioto County Commissioners communication was received from Wandering Appalachia to the Scioto County Commissioners requesting that permission be granted to begin restoration efforts at the Scioto County Infirmary Cemetery in West Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio, with the intended goal being that supplementary markers be placed …

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