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The Fatal Fall of John Miller

“John Miller, a tinner in the employ of C. Gerlach, fell from the second floor of the Children’s Home, to the basement, a distance of 30 feet, last Sunday evening, and received internal injuries of such a serious nature, that he died the following morning. Contractor Purdum had removed the ladder reaching from a moveable …


Parents In Jail, Child Dies

“While Mr. and Mrs. Jack Osborne are serving sentences in the county jail their youngest child, Jesse Osborne, aged 1 year, died last night at Hempstead Hospital. The child had been taken in the hospital as it was suffering with severe malnutrition. It had been assigned by Probate Judge NB Gilliland to the Children’s Home …

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Polish Children Go to Home

“Humane Officer Ball made application in probate court Tuesday for the placing in the children’s home of two Polish children. They are Stella Lozack, age 5, and Jean, age 2. The affidavit alleges that the father Ignatsic Lozack, has deserted his children and the mother is unable to care for them. The family lives at …

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Ball Goes After Boy

“Humane Officer Harry Ball went to South Webster Thursday afternoon to bring back Charles Antis, aged 17 and place him in the Children’s Home.” The boy’s father is serving sentence in the Ohio penitentiary for rape and the mother is a dissolute character. The child’s grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Morgan, has been caring for him but …


The Opening of the Lawson’s Mound

“Mr. LC Robinson of this city, who takes a lively interest in all that pertains to the elucidation of pre-historic conjecture, has for a long time endeavored to get Mr. Lawson’s consent to explore the large artificial mound near the Children’s Home, on what is known as the General Kendall place, and only this week …

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