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Constable Evan’s Gruesome Experience

“Constable Bruce Evans had a gruesome experience Sunday afternoon. A man drove up from the county infirmary to see him and told him that he had seen a body floating down the Ohio river. He was unable to get close enough to get it. Constable Evans immediately got a skiff and started down the river. …

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15 Year Old Gives Life In Rescue Try

Witnesses Report Pair Released Holds On Motorboat “Two East End boys were drowned Sunday in the Ohio River at the old ferry landing near the foot of River Ave.” The victims were Cecil McGlone, 15, of 2039 Fifth st, and Wade James, 11, of 309 Campbell Ave.” “Horrified witnesses said the drownings occurred when an …

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A Sad Drowning at Buena Vista

“News reached the city today of a sad drowning which occurred yesterday afternoon near Buena Vista, the victim being Jesse, the little ten year old son of David Metzer, a prominent farmer in that community.” “The accident occurred shortly after noon. The two little sons of Mr. Metzer, Walter aged twelve and Jesse aged ten …


The Sad Fate of Ed Julian

“The community was shocked and grieved to hear of the death, by drowning, on the Fourth, last Wednesday, of Edward Z Julian, more familiarly known as Ed Julian.’ The particulars as we glean them are as follows: Young Julian accompanied by John Edwards, one of his associates, took an express, and leaving the city at …


A Fisherman’s Find

“Charlie Price, a fisherman, living near Wheelersburg, found the body of a colored man floating in the Ohio River yesterday afternoon, a few miles this side of Wheelersburg. The body had evidently been in the water for some time and was badly decomposed. The remains were hauled out on the shore, and as the stench …

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Body Found After Truck Goes in River

“City firemen recovered the body of a steelworker today nine hours after he was drowned in the Ohio River.” “The victim was identified as Leo Miller, 31, of Tygart road, employee of the Portsmouth Steel Corp. open hearth department.” “Garfield Boggs of Maloneton, night watchman on the ‘Mr. Hanes’ ferryboat, told police Mr. Miller drove …

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