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All of the Kids in Henley

This 1912 photo postcard from Elizabeth to Miss Mary McManaway of Lucasville reads as follows: “Dear Mary: This is our Picnic Party taken July 20 isn’t it a dandy ?! This is all the kids there are in Henley. I wish Clell was on it. We did not get them until Sunday. Please don’t be …


Ephemera Friday #8: Banish Work

Today’s ephemera is an advertisement by the Marting’s department store in Portsmouth, Ohio, for the “Premier Duplex” electric vacuum cleaner that was produced by the Electric Vacuum Cleaner Company Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio. This style of advertisement for the Premier Duplex was common throughout the later 1920’s.

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Let Flowers Be Her Valentine

This beautiful advertisement by Gustav William “Gus” Putzek, owner of Knost Floral Company at 1229 17th Street, Portsmouth, Ohio, got right to the point: “Thrill her with red roses. Capture her heart with gay violets. Delight her with a bright bouquet of carnations. We have a grand selection -have us gather and arrange your Valentine …

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Ephemera Friday #7: Karl Zoellner Promoted

Today’s Ephemera Friday comes from Portsmouth, Ohio’s Public Schools. On June 11th 1897, Miss Emma M. Cramer presented the above certificate to a 13-year-old Karl Zoellner. This Certificate of Promotion entitled young Zoellner to admission to Advanced Grammar, which given his age, would be equivalent to today’s middle school. Interestingly, the certificate states that he …

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A Gift for the New Year

On this last day of January we can surely appreciate the frigid picture illustrated for an 1897 calendar produced for Storck & Hopkins, dealers in stoves and ranges, who were located at 114 West Second Street, Portsmouth, Ohio. While the snow and ice may hang heavy on the barren trees and windswept fields the back …

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