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Till Death Do Us Part: A 1936 Tragedy

“Tragedy halted a marriage planned for Greenup Saturday night when Misses Kathryn Truesdell, 18, of Friendship was injured fatally in an automobile accident on Route 125 about a half mile west of Friendship about 3:30 PM yesterday.” “She died from a broken neck while en route to Mercy hospital in an automobile.” “Miss Truesdell and …

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Veteran CCC Enrollee Eugene Bell Falls Dead

“Eugene Bell, 40, colored, of Cedar Avenue, Cleveland, a member of the World war veterans unit occupying Camp Roosevelt on Turkey Creek, fell dead of a heart attack at 11:35 AM today.” “Bell was in the headquarters office signing paper for his discharge from the CCC when fatally stricken. Dr. Ross Moore Gault, county coroner, …

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Let Flowers Be Her Valentine

This beautiful advertisement by Gustav William “Gus” Putzek, owner of Knost Floral Company at 1229 17th Street, Portsmouth, Ohio, got right to the point: “Thrill her with red roses. Capture her heart with gay violets. Delight her with a bright bouquet of carnations. We have a grand selection -have us gather and arrange your Valentine …

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Ephemera Friday #7: Karl Zoellner Promoted

Today’s Ephemera Friday comes from Portsmouth, Ohio’s Public Schools. On June 11th 1897, Miss Emma M. Cramer presented the above certificate to a 13-year-old Karl Zoellner. This Certificate of Promotion entitled young Zoellner to admission to Advanced Grammar, which given his age, would be equivalent to today’s middle school. Interestingly, the certificate states that he …


1942: Portsmouth, Ohio, Bombarded

“Portsmouth retail stores joined thousands of others throughout the nation Wednesday in launching a month-long ‘Retailers for Victory’ campaign to sell war stamps and bonds.” “While airplanes ‘bombarded’ the city with leaflets urging public support of the ‘bargain sale’, all commercial sales were halted in retail stores from noon to 12:15 PM and only war …


Ephemera Friday #4: Portsmouth Shoe Manufactory

This small, business card-sized calling card is this week’s ephemera. While it isn’t quite understood what the message of a juggling auburn-haired child was meant to relay this card is certainly eye catching and distinct from other cards of the period. It bears the address of the company it represents: Portsmouth Shoe Manufactory. 105 West …

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