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Annie L Becker vs William G Becker

“Annie L Becker vs. William G Becker. This case was heard Tuesday and decree granted. The prayer of the petition was based upon willful absence and extreme cruelty. The defendant is now living in Cincinnati, and the testimony developed the revolting fact that the defendant was in the habit of taking their little four-year-old boy …

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Burns Fatal for Lewis County Child

“After having survived weeks of pain as a result of burns on her face and body from the abdomen up, little Margaret Ginn died unexpectedly yesterday at Haywood hospital. Margaret was 2 years old and the second youngest of the four daughters of Frank Ginn and Rose Ginn, who live at Salt Lick in Lewis …


Parents In Jail, Child Dies

“While Mr. and Mrs. Jack Osborne are serving sentences in the county jail their youngest child, Jesse Osborne, aged 1 year, died last night at Hempstead Hospital. The child had been taken in the hospital as it was suffering with severe malnutrition. It had been assigned by Probate Judge NB Gilliland to the Children’s Home …

Image of Bloody Run Creek
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The Legend of Bloody Run and Jim Peyton

“I promised last week to say something about ‘Bloody Run,’ which cuts its way through the hills north of Otway and if the readers of the Times will indulge me, I will conclude my Otway article, with something pertaining to that, and a few anecdotes which I picked up about old Jim Peyton, a whilsom …

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Goldie Shaffer Obituary

“Failure to have her treated for diphtheria resulted in the death of Goldie, four year old daughter of John Shaffer, store keeper and farmer of Friendship, Monday evening.” “The child has been ill since last Tuesday but no physician was called in until Monday evening. Two other children of the family who had diphtheria and …

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Youngster Adopted Then Abandoned

“Taken out of a good charitable home in Cincinnati and then abandoned by his foster parents, a ten-year-old youth of unknown identity, has for the past week been in care of the Ettel family of Rarden. Humane Officer Ball is investigating the identity of the lad. The little fellow is unusually intelligent but has never …

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Herbert Gray Arrested on Non-Support Charge

“Herbert Gray was unexpectedly arrested by Humane Officer Harry Ball at New Boston Wednesday afternoon and lodged in jail. Gray is the husband of Elizabeth Gray, the young woman who, one night last week, attempted to abandon her three-year-old son, only to be apprehended by the police. They have been separated and he has never …

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Polish Children Go to Home

“Humane Officer Ball made application in probate court Tuesday for the placing in the children’s home of two Polish children. They are Stella Lozack, age 5, and Jean, age 2. The affidavit alleges that the father Ignatsic Lozack, has deserted his children and the mother is unable to care for them. The family lives at …

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Ball Goes After Boy

“Humane Officer Harry Ball went to South Webster Thursday afternoon to bring back Charles Antis, aged 17 and place him in the Children’s Home.” The boy’s father is serving sentence in the Ohio penitentiary for rape and the mother is a dissolute character. The child’s grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Morgan, has been caring for him but …

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