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Stopping by Martin-Butler Cemetery

After resetting the marble marker we repaired and cleaned for Daniel White at Shumway Cemetery #2, near the Minford Airport in Harrison Township, we called Madison Township Trustee Chris Rase to give him update on our progress. Hearing that he was nearby at Butler-Martin Cemetery, and needing to get some photographs from that particular location. …

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Burns Fatal for Lewis County Child

“After having survived weeks of pain as a result of burns on her face and body from the abdomen up, little Margaret Ginn died unexpectedly yesterday at Haywood hospital. Margaret was 2 years old and the second youngest of the four daughters of Frank Ginn and Rose Ginn, who live at Salt Lick in Lewis …

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Lost A Leg

Benjamin Willis, of East End, Hurt On Street Railway Leg Was Caught in the Step and Twisted in Two–It Had to Be Amputated “Benjamin Willis, a veteran soldier and well known resident of Lawson Heights, had his right leg broken while riding home on a street car Monday evening. In trying to alight from the …


Virtual Tour: Ball Cemetery in the French Grant

On April 8, 2023, we made our second visit to Ball Cemetery, in Franklin Furnace, Green Township, Scioto County, Ohio. Our initial visit was in March 2020, but circumstances limited our ability to return until this week. This rural area is originally known as the French Grant as it was a tract land federally granted …

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