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Oscar Williams: A Victim of Somnambulism

“The startling intelligence reached here Tuesday morning by wire, that Oscar Williams, son of Captain WB Williams of this city, had, while walking in his sleep, fallen from a window of the fourth story of the American House at Columbus, where he was boarded and was fatally injured. Later reports, however, bring the more gratifying …


Henry Seibert Found Face Down

“Henry Seibert, a farmer, who lives near Union Mills, was missed the latter part of last week. He was last seen at the opera house Wednesday. On the Monday following a man named Anderson was hunting in the Scioto bottoms west of Kaps’ brick yard. Approaching what he tool to be a log, he was …


Divorce for Trifling Reasons

“William Price vs. Eliza A. Price. The parties were married in Virginia in 1871, and have six children. The petition alleges willful absence, and that she, on various occasions, did have unlawful intercourse with various persons, both in this county and in Athens, and for these trifling reasons he wants a divorce.”


Two Youngsters Divorce.

“Thomas E. Burt, an infant, by Thomas J. Burt, his next friend, plaintiff vs. Oly Burt, alias Oly De Berian, an infant over the age of fourteen years. At the time of the filing of this petition the plaintiff was nineteen years old. The parties were married at Ironton, Ohio, on the 3rd day of …


Angeline Slaughter Runs Off With Harry Miller

“Adams Slaughter seeks a divorce from Angeline Slaughter, because as he alleges, she willfully left him on or about the 15th of January, 1889, and since that time has been keeping a house of prostitution in the village of Wetmore, until recently, when she became enamored with one Harry Miller, so-called, with whom she eloped, …


Delhotals Seeks Divorce for Injury

“Dora A. Delhotal vs August J.B. Delhotal. Petition for divorce and alimony. Petition alleges defendant not only beat, choked and kicked the plaintiff, but that on one occasion he shot her, inflicting a lasting injury upon her. From the schedule of property appended to the petition, it would seem that the defendant was a man …

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