The specific location of the cemetery is:

Located .04 mile from SR 104 on Dry Run Road. The cemetery is on the hill and you must hike to get to it. It is located on property that used to be the H.M. Lewis Farm.

GPS Coordinates – 38° 46′ 38N · 82° 01′ 16W

The cemetery is in poor condition and hard to access as there is no road to it.

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Pictures taken by Jackie P. Journey November 2001

In 2001, a group of volunteers got together and tried to cleanup Williamson Cemetery. These pictures are from that time period.

In an email dated 05/28/2008


I visited the Williamson Cemetery this past weekend on 24 May 2008. Although my main purpose was to visit/locate the grave of my Great-grandfather, William Lewis (Wm. L.) Cook, I and my friend, Philip N. Swanson, made a complete transcription of all of the graves in the cemetery that we could locate and also photographed them all (using chalk to enhance the ones that were difficult to read). I will paste in the complete transcription in this letter and also will attach an RTF file of transcription. I also have 44 JPG photos of all of the stones and the cemetery as a whole. If you would like to have a copy of the jpg photos, I would be happy to email them or send them in the most convenient way.

Thanks so much to the SCCOGS for their assistance to me this weekend on my visit. It was the webpage on your site that informed me of the location of my Great-grandfather’s resting place (by photos). When I got there, however, I noted that the photos were incomplete and decided to do the full transcription to help others doing research in this area, particularly as this cemetery is so remote / hard to locate.


Jeffrey L. Shy, M. D.
Mesa, AZ
Phone (480) 218-9981


Williamson Cemetery

N38.7770 W-83.02100

The cemetery is invisible from Dry Run Road. It is on the wooded hill roughly behind the home at 447 Dry Run Road. It was located by GPS using coordinates from USGS maps. This is a complete transcription of all stones that could be located in the area above ground. Recorded 24 May 2008 by Jeffrey Lee Shy and Philip Norman Swanson.

(1) Corpl Wm. L. Cook, Co. 1, 140 Ohio, N.G. INF
(2) W.T. Cook, Nov 4 1874, Mar 26 1903
Malinda J. Cook, Born Oct 9 1841, Died April 13, 1898
W. L. Cook, Jan 5, 1836, Dec 31, 1918
(3) E. F. Hanson, Born Oct 9, 1841, Died June 24 1900
(4) Cook Dear Children
Infant July 27, 1895, Aug 3 1895, Aged 1 week
Lillian Phyloma Cook, Mar 8 1908, Mar 5 1909, Aged 1 yr
(5) Ella J., Daughter of Wm. L and M. J. Cook, died April 4 1881, aged 18 year 2m, 11d
(6) Dupree, _____, May 17 1895, Jun 17, 1896, Our Treasure
(7) J. C.
(8) Thomas Williamson, Died Sept 5 1874, Aged 76 years
(9) Metta, Wife of L. R. Jones, died Feb. 14, 1894, Aged 27 yrs
L. R. Jones Born Jan 6 1843, Died Oct 16, 1905
Louisa J. Wife of L. R. Jones, Died Apr 7, 1891, Aged 48 yrs, 1mo, 11d
(10) Adjacent to L. R. Jones “Mother”
(11) Gracie C. Jones, died Nov 3, 1877, Aged 2 rs
(12) Lucinda E. Jones, Died June 7, 1871, Aged 4 yrs
(13) Frankie S. Jones, Died Oct 26, 1871, Aged 3 yrs
(14) Edna R. Jones, Died Oct 25, 1893, Aged 4 mos
(15) Field Stone C.S.
(16) Field Stone C.S.
(17) Field Stone __________(illegible)
(18) Coren Smith, Born Nov 1933, Died April 8 1934
(19) Handpainted (recent) Wooden Cross Smith
(20) Watson Smith, Born 1907, Died 1934, Gone but not forgotten
(21) Clary Smith (no dates)
(22) Field Stone, (illegible), in area of other Smith stones
(23) Jerry Mullins, Born and Died June 30, 1941
(24) Henry H. Williamson Born Nov 13, 1840, Fell in the Batlle of Perrysville, Oct 8, 1862, aged 21 years, 10 mos and 25 ds
(25) Wm. Williamson, Died Nov 6, 1863, Aged 31 yrs, 7 mos and 9 d
(26) Our Mother, Catherine, Wife of Joseph Williamson, Died Dec 18, 1880, aged 78 yrs, 6 mo, 14 days
Our Father Joseph Williamson, Died July 16, 1849, aged 53 yrs, 4 mo, 10 days. And as it is appointed
unto men once to die, but after this the judgement
(27) Another modern painted wooden cross, Smith
(28) Joseph Williamson, Died July 16, 1849, Aged 53 ys, 4m, 10d
(29) Mollie S. Anderson 1883-1935
(30) David Allison, Dec 31, 1818, Feb 4 1897
Hannah his wife, July 5, 1833
Fatama his wife, Aug 10 1820, Feb 12 1875

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