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OGSCN: 10863. Owner: Family cemetery. Sect: S25-T3:R20. Location: Gephart Road. Hassell Maynard’s farm (1978). Stones: 1. Burials: 1.


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  • Ohio Genealogical Society’s Ohio Cemeteries: 1803-2003 notes this cemetery as being at Sect: S36-T3:R20 when it is actually at S25-T3:R20. The book also states that it is next to Lair Cemetery, however Lair, as it is currently located, is approximately 3.9 miles away. While this may have been a typo, or information from another cemetery that has made it into the wrong cemetery, it is also likely that there is another Smith Cemetery that is adjacent to Lair Cemetery and these two Smith cemeteries in Harrison Township have grouped together inadvertently. Additional research of Lair Cemetery and the surrounding area while determine if this theory is accurate.
  • Cemetery appears to be on Parcel07-0850.000 belonging to Chad & Shelly Fannin (2023).
  • There are at least five known burials for this cemetery according to death certificates, which named the cemetery has “Home Cemetery” most likely because it was the home of Moses and Anna Smith which are known to be buried there. While it is named as such on the death certificates it is not understood to be the proper name. Other burials include Maynards which is in agreement with previous land owners surnames.

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