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Ephemera Friday #10: Patent Metallic Burial Cases

“Air-tight and indestructible, one of the most valuable inventions of the age, for protecting and preserving the dead, for ordinary interment, for vaults, or for transportation.” “The undersigned respectfully announces those having occasion for burial cases, that he is now prepared to supply the above named valuable article of all sizes, from one foot ten …

Person Thing

Some Old Time Brick

“In tearing up a Second street sidewalk a few days ago a number of brick were found with the name ‘E. Doll’ in raised letters. This method of marking brick with the name of the manufacturer is generally supposed to be modern. The letters were even and well-formed. The brick made now are stamped with …


100 of 500 Hawaii Slides

I’m thinking about starting to include project updates here just to keep folks up to date with what we are doing and what we have done. One of our newest projects is to convert five one hundred-slide carriages into five hundred 2400 DPI TIFF images. Any information written on the slide margin gets added as …


Ephemera Friday #8: Banish Work

Today’s ephemera is an advertisement by the Marting’s department store in Portsmouth, Ohio, for the “Premier Duplex” electric vacuum cleaner that was produced by the Electric Vacuum Cleaner Company Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio. This style of advertisement for the Premier Duplex was common throughout the later 1920’s.

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