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The Scioto County Infirmary Mound

We were fortunate enough to attend the presentation “The Scioto County, Ohio, Infirmary Mounded Feature in Regional and Temporal (3000 BC to AD 400) Context by Dr. Jonathan E. “Jeb” Bowen. The presentation was sponsored by the Arc of Appalachia and presented at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center in Portsmouth, Ohio, on November …


Longer Runway Will Be Sought for Raven Rock Airport

“Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce Aviation committee discussed plans Friday afternoon to enlarge Raven Rock airport runway and to seek civil aeronautics board approval of the port as a class 2 airport.” “B. Leroy Compton, chairman of the committee, reported that a 3500 foot runway will be required to land commercial planes. The airport site has …

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All of the Kids in Henley

This 1912 photo postcard from Elizabeth to Miss Mary McManaway of Lucasville reads as follows: “Dear Mary: This is our Picnic Party taken July 20 isn’t it a dandy ?! This is all the kids there are in Henley. I wish Clell was on it. We did not get them until Sunday. Please don’t be …

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