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Thomas Ashe visits Alexandria

Running eight miles from the Little I arrived before the Big Sciota, a fine river on the righthand shore, and dropped under Alexandria, a small town situated on the lower point, formed by the junction of the two rivers. Having secured the boat, I went up to the town, intending to make from it some …

Kentucky Ohio

An X Marks the Spot on the Ohio

“Twelve miles below the French grant, I came before the Little Sciota, a small rivulet on the same side, from the mouth of which a bar of rocks extends half across the Ohio. The channel at the upper end of the bar is near the Kentuckey shoreā€”at the lower end it is close round the …


Thomas Ashe Visits the French Grant

“On leaving the Great Kenhaway, I descended without interruption or stop twenty miles, when I made fast to the right hand shore, immediately opposite Little Sandy Creek.” “I brought too for the purpose of enquiring into the situation of the French families who abandoned Galliopolis in consequence of the imposition practised on them by the …


Street Car 28 Jumped the Track

Street car 28, loaded with passengers, jumped the track and started south on Lincoln street, Sunday afternoon. There was no particular damage done, but some of the passengers were considerably frightened. It took over an hour to get the car back on the track.

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