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Two Killed in Pistol Fight

“Two persons are dead and another seriously wounded as the result of a pistol fight near Jasper, Virginia, according to reports reaching here today. Marion Bishop was killed, it is said, after he opened fire on Will Legg at the home of a Mrs. Scalf. Mrs. Scalf’s daughter, Mrs. Hurd, was killed accidently when struck …

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The Scioto County Infirmary Mound

We were fortunate enough to attend the presentation “The Scioto County, Ohio, Infirmary Mounded Feature in Regional and Temporal (3000 BC to AD 400) Context by Dr. Jonathan E. “Jeb” Bowen. The presentation was sponsored by the Arc of Appalachia and presented at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center in Portsmouth, Ohio, on November …


Pistols and Knives for Two

“Information has reached us of an unfortunate affray, at the flats of Brush Creek, by parties living in Union township, on Monday last, by which one was stabbed in the face, and another was shot in the leg. Some persons from Lombardsville vicinity had been to town, and on the way home, it is said, …


Vaccinated Them All

There is much alarm still on the West Side over the spread of smallpox. Meaning to prevent the disease from setting back his work, Manager Wellman of the new stone works ordered all men to be vaccinated at once, under the alternative of dismissal. The entire force of forty men, with the exception of two, …


Street Fighting and Shooting in Portsmouth

On Monday last, quite a serious disturbance occurred on Market street, which resulted in the shooting of two persons and the damaging and bruising of a number of others. The facts, as we have collected them, are as follows. The first difficulty occured in a saloon on Market street where a soldier knocked down a …

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