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Taylor Barnes Meets Death in the B&O Train Yards

Theodore Barnes, “Taylor,” yardmaster of the B&O SW Railroad at this place, while coupling cars last Monday, was caught between the bumpers and so severely crushed that he died the next evening at 8 o’clock. Mr. Barnes came to this city from Wellson about four months ago. He was a sober and hardworking man, and his death will fall hard upon the widow1 and three orphan children2, who are left in straightened circumstances.”3

  1. Either Taylor remarried immediately after the death of his wife, Mary Kelley Barnes, in August 1889 or this is an editorial oversight.
  2. John T. Barnes, their son and Spanish-American War Veteran, was also killed in a railroad accident in 1905.
  3. Between the bumpers: Taylor Barnes meets death in the yards of the B&O.S.W. (1890, November 6). Portsmouth Times, p. 4.
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