Till Death Do Us Part: A 1936 Tragedy

“Tragedy halted a marriage planned for Greenup Saturday night when Misses Kathryn Truesdell, 18, of Friendship was injured fatally in an automobile accident on Route 125 about a half mile west of Friendship about 3:30 PM yesterday.”

“She died from a broken neck while en route to Mercy hospital in an automobile.”

“Miss Truesdell and her betrothed friend, Charles Lumpkin, 24, of Sunny Knoll and an enrollee at CCC Camp Shawnee No. 1 were the only occupants of the roadster. Miss Truesdell was driving.”

“Mr. Lumpkin said she applied the brakes of the automobile as they started to round a slight curve and the car turned around, skidded off the road and overturned in about a 5 foot ditch.”

“Both were thrown from the car and Miss Truesdell is thought to have fallen on her head and neck.”

“Lumpkin escaped with minor lacerations and scratches on his face and hands.”

Floyd Warren of Friendship, who passed the scene of the accident took the victim to the hospital. She passed away before reaching the hospital and was pronounced dead by Dr. Dow Allard upon her arrival at the hospital.”

Dr. WE Gault1, acting county coroner, investigated and said a broken neck caused death.”

“Miss Truesdell and Mr. Lumpkin planned to go to Greenup Saturday night and get married. They were to be accompanied by another couple and were waiting for one of their friends to get through work Mr. Lumpkin said.”

“Miss Truesdell was born in Trinity, Kentucky, June 4, 1918 and was the daughter of Clarence and Anna Renchen Truesdell. She attended schools at Trinity and Friendship. She was also a member of Friendship ME church.”

“She is survived by her parents and three sisters, Mrs. Elmer Kennedy2 of Charters, Kentucky, Mrs. Edward McCoy, 1826 Timmonds Avenue, and Gladys Mae Truesdell at home, her grandparents, Mrs. Julia Truesdell3 of Trinity and Thad Renchen of Jacktown, Kentucky.”

“The body was removed to Windel-Howland funeral home.”4

Funeral Announcement for Kathryn Truesdale

“Funeral services for Miss Kathryn Truesdale, 18, of Friendship, who was killed in an automobile accident Saturday on Route 125, near Friendship, a few hours before she was to have been married at Greenup to Charles Lumpkin, 24, of Sunny Knoll, enrollee at CCC Camp Shawnee, will be held Tuesday at 1:30 PM a Friendship ME church.”

“Reverend LC Rucker, paster of West Portsmouth ME circuit, will officiate and burial will be in Greenlawn cemetery. The body is at the residence. Mr. Lumpkin was injured slightly in the accident. Miss Truesdale was driving the automobile.”5

Windell-Howland Record of Funeral for Elizabeth Katherin Truesdell

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