John Went Visiting

“A colored woman, the wife of John Steptoe, who lives on North Waller street, was hunting Mayor Row yesterday afternoon with a tale of woe on her lips. She claimed that her husband was unfaithful and said that yesterday afternoon she had caught him visiting a white woman living in the neighborhood, a Mrs. Basham. She and John had a scene over the matter. John claiming that he was just called on a little matter of business. His wife did not propose that he should have any business with white women, and wanted the mayor to interfere.”1

“The Basham-Steptoe troubles have been compromised and the mayor wiped the affair off the records. One of the interested parties in the case sends the following communication: ‘Please correct a statement made in Saturday’s Times as to John Steptoe calling on Mrs. Basham. He only wished to see Mr. Basham on business, and as Mrs. Steptoe was under the influence of stimulants she became excited at finding her husband there. Mrs. Steptoe is now satisfied that all is harmony.'”2

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