Two Youngsters Divorce.

Thomas E. Burt, an infant, by Thomas J. Burt, his next friend, plaintiff vs. Oly Burt, alias Oly De Berian, an infant over the age of fourteen years. At the time of the filing of this petition the plaintiff was nineteen years old. The parties were married at Ironton, Ohio, on the 3rd day of May, 1889, the bride being not quite fourteen years of age. They lived together for about two months, and then the youthful bride went back to her dolls and has not lived with her husband since. It is alleged, although not in the pleadings, that the whole business was a set-up job by the defendant’s mother.

The defendant answers and says that her name is not Oly De Berian, but Ola Berian, and she wants to be restored to her maiden name in case the decree is granted, as it probably will be.”1

  1. (1890a, September 27). Portsmouth Times, p. 1.
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