The Obituary of Mrs. Maria Kendall Salsbury

“This lady, wife of James Salsbury1, who has been a patient sufferer for many years, died at her residence, on Second street, Thursday morning, aged fifty years. The deceased was born in this county November 23rd, 1829, and was married to Mr. James Salsbury January 8th, 1851. Her husband and two sons, John and Charles, survive to mourn her loss. Mrs. Salsbury was a daughter of General William Kendall, for many years one of Portsmouth’s most prominent and influential citizens, having served in the Ohio Senate, and in other official capacities. She was a sister of Milton Kendall, of Clay township, and of Mrs. L. Adair, formerly postmistress of this city. She was a true woman, of splendid qualities of mind and heart, and bore her afflictions with christian patience and fortitude.”

“The funeral will take place at two o’clock this afternoon, from the Second Presbyterian Church, to which all friends are invited.”2

  1. Maria Kendall Salsbury
  2. Mrs. Maria K. Salsbury. (1880, March 13). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.