An Old Farmer Adjudged Insane

Jerome Snyder, an old citizen of Jefferson township, has been adjudged insane by the Probate Court, and is waiting transfer to the Asylum at Athens. Mr. Snyder, who is an unmarried man, is 56 years of age, and has resided all his life in Madison and Jefferson townships. He has been eccentric in his habits and for many years lived by himself. His mental troubles, it is supposed, have been occasioned by losses of property and depression arising from reverses. He lost about $900 in Dugan’s bank several years ago, and last spring his house burned down with its contents. He had a great passion for attending public sales, and would buy whatever articles he thought were selling cheap. He had thus accumulated about his bachelor house a stock of sewing machines, kettles, cider mills and an assortment of traps wonderful to behold, and that were of little or no use to him.”

“The destruction of his house added to his troubles, and for several months past his conduct has been unusually strange and peculiar. He would wander into the woods, and for hours shout and yell until he had attracted the attention of some of the neighbors, when he would cease for a time. He had some money about his person amount to over $300, and he imagines somebody had changed it and given him bad money in exchange. Four weeks ago he was kicked by one of his horses while trying to catch it in the pasture and his right arm was broken. Since then he has become more uncontrollable, and it has been found necessary to have someone look after him and his interests. On the 10th of this month he was brought before the Probate Court, adjudged insane, and a guardian appointed to look after him and his property. Josiah S. Morgan, a neighbor, has been appointed guardian, and on the 7th of November he will offer the personal property of Mr. Snyder at public sale. The varied assortment of wares that he has accumulated will then be disposed of.”1

  1. An old farmer adjudged insane. (1878, October 26). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.
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