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1948: Accident on Divide Hill Results in Triple Funeral

“Three young men killed, including two brothers, and five persons injured was the traffic toll in the Portsmouth area for the weekend.”

“Killed in a one-car accident on Route 73 near McDermott road intersection early Sunday were: Harry Edward Kidder, 27 of Otway Route 2. Herman Kidder, 18, brother of Harry. Robert Redman, 17, of Rocky Fork, senior at Otway High.”

“Injured in the same wreck were: Jasper Shope, 21, and Joseph Williams, 20, both of McDermott.”

“Scene of the fatal accident was near the foot of the long west grade on what is known as ‘the Pond creek divide hill.’ The car, owned by Herbert Kidder, father of the brothers, and driven by the younger Kidder, crashed into a concrete culvert with much force. The Kidders and Redman were taking Shope and Williams to their home and the car was within a short distance of the McDermott road intersection when virtually demolished against the concrete drainage structure.”

State Patrolman Glenn Fugate and RM Smith investigated at 2:16 AM Sunday when they found Redman lying in the middle of the road ahead of the car, the two Kidders in the creek bed and the other two men on the berm. The patrolmen were in the vicinity and reached the scene within 15 minutes.”

Broken Neck Fatal

Coroner Virgil Fowler found that the younger Kidder brother died of a broken neck. He also suffered a broken left upper arm. The elder brother died of a fracture at the base of the skull. He also suffered a crushed chest. A skull fracture caused the death of Redman, who also suffered a broken jaw and fractured left shoulder.”

“X-rays at the hospital revealed Shope suffered a broken leg below the knee and that Williams escaped with head and facial lacerations, sever bruises and shock.”

“Lynn’s ambulance removed the bodies and Emrick’s ambulance took the injured to Portsmouth General hospital.”

“State patrolmen said the car continued on for 20 yards after the crash. The left side of the vehicle was cut open, the patrolmen said.”

“The vehicle came to rest, after overturning once or twice, on the roof of the car.”

En Route From Tavern

“The two survivors told patrolmen the group had been at the 73 Tavern about a mile from the scene and were on the way to their homes at McDermott.”
“Shope and Williams said they had been at a tavern at McDermott previously and did not remain at the 73 Tavern long. Both youths said they were knocked unconscious when thrown out of the death car.”

“The two could not explain what happened, but said they believed the driver lost control of the car on a curve approaching the bridge.”

“Shope is a son of Mr.1 and Mrs.2 Mose Shope and his companion is a son of Mr.3 and Mrs.4 Clinton Williams. Shope was in the back seat of the car with Redman.”

“Shope is an employee of the Taylor Stone Company. Harry Kidder, like Shope and Williams, was a World War II veteran. Harry had been employed in the Delco plant in Dayton. The younger Kidder was a timber cutter in Scioto and Adams counties.”

Triple Funeral Tuesday

Triple funeral services will be held at 2 PM Tuesday at Rock Fork Methodist church for the three killed. Revered WE Stivers5 and Reverend Glenn Mills will officiate. Interment will be made in the church cemetery under direction of Freeman funeral home. The bodies are at the Kidder residence.”

“Harry Kidder was born April 12, 1921, in Otway. Herman, 18, was born November 15, 1930, at Otway. They were the sons of Herbert and Edna Kidder.”

“Surviving the brothers are the parents; five sisters, Mrs. Ilene Colley of McDermott, Mrs. Coleine Shope of Henley, Mildred, Joan, and Clara Margaret at home; a brother, Joe, also at home.”

“Bobby Redman was born January 17, 1931. He made his home with the paternal grandmother, Mrs. Alice Redman.”

“Surviving him are his father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Redman of Washington Court House; Mrs. Pauline Murfin of Rarden, and a brother, Paul Redman, stationed in Texas with the army; five half-brothers and sisters reside in Washington Court House. They are Connie, Billy, Fred, Lawrence and Rosalie. His mother died when Bobby was five weeks old.”6

  1. Moses Henry Shope
  2. Grace Medina Hilt Shope
  3. Clinton B. Williams
  4. Lucille Mae Massie Williams
  5. Reverend Wilbur E. Stivers
  6. Brothers And High School Senior Die; Triple Funeral Tuesday. (1948, April 26). Portsmouth Times, pp. 1–2.