Gilbert Shively Struck by Train and Survives

“Making a bed of the N&W tracks in the vicinity of Arion, 14 miles northwest of the city, resulted in Gilbert Shively of that locality being badly hurt when he was run down by an N&W westbound freight track at 10 o’clock Tuesday night.”

“Luckily for Shively, the pilot of the engine tossed his body to one side. His right arms was badly bruised and cut, his head was gashed, and he was bruised about the body as the train evidently hurled his body 30 feet.”

“Shively was brought to the Hempstead hospital late last night. It was stated there Wednesday that Shively’s condition was not serious.”1

  1. Sleeps On Track; Is Hit by Train; Hurled Thirty Feet. (1914, October 10). Portsmouth Times, p. 6.