The Battle of Cinders

William Dillow Sr., held in jail for a week in default of $1000 peace bond, and son, William Dillow Jr., also held in jail unable to furnish $500 peace bond, were released Wednesday by County Judge JR Shepherd on their promise not to molest state highway truck drivers. Another son, Vinson, is held in jail on a $5000 peace bond.”

“The Dillows were accused of attempting to prevent highway workers from taking cinders on the farm of JB Bates, county clerk, at Hunnewell.”

“During the ‘battle of cinders,’ Vinson Dillow fired on the truck drivers and officers. Clerk Bates gave the highway workers permission to take the cinders left when the old Hunnewell furnace1 ceased operations but the Dillows objected and offered resistance.”2

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  2. Father and Son Released. (1934, October 4). Portsmouth Times, p. 2.
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