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The Curious Headstone of August Hefner

In an older corner section of Evergreen Union Cemetery in Waverly, Pike County, Ohio, is the curious stone marker of August Hefner, a man believed to be 70 years of age at his passing on September 17, 1856, shortly after arriving in Waverly, Ohio. The marker broken, repaired, and worn by time and the elements bears the following inscription:

The deceased being asked on the evening of his arrival in Waverly where he was going, answered here and no farther.

Beneath this prophetic statement is an epitaph that is both cryptic and wise and reads as such:

When your razer is dull
And you want to shave
Think of the man
That lies in this grave

For there was a time
It might have been whet
You was afeared of a dime
And now its to late.