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1910: Tie Game at Oway on Sunday

“The Otway Reds and the Virginia Blues (colored) played a very interesting game on the Henley diamond Sunday. The score in the last half of the tenth inning stood 3 to 3, when the game was called on account of an injury to the colored catcher, Watkins. The Blues, or Blacks as they should be called, had no other catcher, and could not play off the tie.”

“Both teams played fine ball in the field, despite the condition of the diamond, which was wet and muddy, owing to the heavy rain a few moments before the game was called.”

“Shelpman, who was on the firing line for the Otway team, pitched a good, steady game and deserves much credit for his work in the pinches, but Womack (Chicken), the colored chap from down east, was the candy kid. He had the so-called Otway sluggers breaking their backs at nothing and but for a couple of rank errors at the receiving end of the battery, would have scored a shut-out.”

“The Otway chaps tried very hard to get Umpire Davis to forfeit the game to them, but their pleadings were all in vain, as he simply refused to call it anything but a tie, which was exactly correct considering conditions, etc.”

“Hickey Crabtree and Jim O’Brien played first and short respectively for the colored team. Can ‘Chicken’ pitch? Well? Scores by innings:

Otway:002000001=3 bs Blues:0000002100=3 Umpire: Davis Scorer: Kelly1

  1. Tie Game at Otway on Sunday. (1910, September 10). Portsmouth Times, p. 7.