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George Dever Crushed Beneath a Freight Train

George Dever, from the eastern part of the county, met a shocking death at South Portsmouth Tuesday afternoon. He boarded the FFV1 at Ashland and came to South Portsmouth, and for some reason left the vestibule train at that station, intending to continue his journey on a freight train. The freight was pulling out of the switch close alongside the track on which the passenger train was standing, and Dever in attempting to step from the platform of the coach upon the buffer of the moving box car, missed his footing and fell on the track between the cars, the wheels passing over both legs. His injuries were of course mortal, and he died the same afternoon, notwithstanding everything possible was done for him. Dr. Titus was called, but the case was hopeless. The unfortunate man realized his condition and spoke of his poor wife and children.”

“The remains were taken to Sciotoville for interment.”2

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