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Ironton Dedicates New Bridge with Fitting Ceremonies

“Within 27 minutes after the bridge was thrown open after the automobile parade this morning 1492 machines passed over it.”

“At 2 o’clock this afternoon it was estimated that 5000 visitors were here for the bridge opening. Lower clouds gave way to sunshine when the speaking program was reached and Old Sol beamed down on the distinguished orators as they began their talks, both ends of the bridge and the Ohio and Kentucky shores being massed with thousands of people.”

“All roads led to Ironton Friday, the magnet being formal dedication of the new $700000 bridge, which spans the majestic Ohio river between that city and Russell.”

“With bands playing and flags fluttering in the chilly breeze the epochal event was carried out today and there was not a hitch in the program.”

“The weather could have been more favourable, but lowering clouds that weeped at times failed to dampen the spirit of the proud citizens of Ironton and the thousands of visitors who flocked there from three states. Men prominent in the political as well as the business arena were there and lent an air of dignity to the memorable event. It was Ironton’s day to glorify in its bridge and it glorified to its heart’s content while neighbors joined enthusiastically in the celebration.”

“A monster banquet was held at the Marting hotel last night and it opened the bridge festivities. Governors from Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky were present and the occasion will long be remembered in that city. Psalms of praise were sang for the progressiveness of Ironton and its visitors were extolled over spotless linen and shimmering silverware. Tonight the closing banquet will take place and at its conclusion in the Marting Hotel the bridge festivities will come to a fitting close.”

“As was expected Portsmouth was well represented at the opening, hundreds of citizens motoring there to take part in the festivities and to congratulate Ironton and its progressive citizens over the completion of the handsome bridge.”1

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