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1922: Twenty-Four Years Ago

“Appropriate resolutions were adopted by the Scioto County Bar Association honoring the memory of the late Judge JM Dawson1. The resolutions adopted were reported by a committee composed of FC Searl2, Noah J Dever, NW Evans3, Theo. K Funk and AT Holcomb4.”

“’21 for Johnson’, was a familiar cry frequently heard during the lown drawn-out congressional convention. The cry came from the Lawrence county delegation, of course, and meant that many votes for the Ironton candidate.”

“Joseph Burman died at his home on the West Side. He was a native of France and worked in the lower mill in this city for a number of years before moving to the farm.”

“John W Blair, Civil War veteran left for Dayton to enter the National Military Home there.”

“Charles Moulton returned from Hot Springs as smiling and as fresh as a daisy. He left Charles Daehler and John Wilhelm at the springs.”

George E Kricker left for St. Louis on business connected with the estate of his brother.”

A force of carpenters and workmen were sent to Glen Hunt by the CP &V5 to fix up the buildings and grounds of the summer resort on Brush Creek.”

“A number of young men, prominent in the city, were busy getting up a volunteer company to take part in the war in Spain. Harry Miller and WP Reed6 were active in the movement.”7

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  6. William Percy Reed
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