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Alma Huston Mitchell Dies at the State Asylum

Taken to Athens1

“Sheriff Ketter left over the B & O this morning, having in his charge Mrs. Oscar Mitchell, of Fifteenth street, who was last week adjudged insane in the probate court of this county and ordered committed to the state hospital at Athens. A sister of the unfortunate woman accompanied the sheriff to lend assistance in caring for her on the way to the asylum.”

Dying at Athens2

Charles Huston received a telephone message from his brother-in-law, Oscar Mitchell, Thursday morning, informing him that the latter’s wife Mrs. Alma Mitchell, was dying at the State hospital at Athens. Mrs. Mitchell, it will be remembered, was committed to the asylum, shortly after giving birth to a child, a little over a month ago. She contracted pneumonia, a week ago, and her condition became such that the husband immediately left for her bedside. Their little child is still living and apparently healthy.”

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