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A Hot Chase: A Horse Thief Pursued for Three Days by the Man He Robbed

“William Marion Nichols was locked up in the county jail this morning on the charge of horse stealing. He was brought here this morning from Pond Run by Constable Punteney and Joseph L Smith, of Kentucky. His arrest was the finale of a hot chase of three days by the last named man who was the victim. The affair was noted briefly in Saturday’s Times. Mr. Smith’s story is as follows: Nichols and Jim Milliron and another man called at Smith’s place at Siloam, Kentucky, Friday last and took dinner there. That evening when they left they took a horse and a mare from Smith’s stable. Smith missed them shortly afterwards and started on their track. He went about 14 miles down the river, finding one of the horses near Stone City, where it had been deserted. He learned here that one of the men had crossed the river with the other horse. Smith followed and calling on Squire Lockhart, swore out a warrant for the arrest of the men. Here Constable Puntney joined him and the two started on their long chase. They searched the valleys of Pond Creek, Twin Creek, Churn Creek and probably half a dozen other creeks. They finally learned that Nichols had tried to trade the horse to Tom Price for a yoke of oxen, and that Price had taken them to a neighbor’s, whom he thought would by the animal. Here the pursuers followed and arrived just as the deal had been closed and Nichols was taking dinner with the purchaser, who lives near West Union. He had sold the horse for $25, giving Price $10 for making the sale. Another horse taken from Pond Creek man was found here also, and returned to the owner. The man was arrested and taken to West Union, where he was kept until Sunday morning, when he was taken to Pond Run, and from there brought to this city this morning. Nichols was in jail here last summer for several months, and is a well-known character. He agreed to go back to Kentucky without requisition papers, and Mr. Smith returned to get the necessary warrant.” 1

  1. A Hot Chase. (1895, May 13). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 4.