Will Build Crib on Popcorn Point

“The Board of Control at it regular weekly meeting Tuesday morning decided to unite with the county commissioners in giving protection to the extreme west end of the city familiarly called the Point.”

“The city will bear half of the cost of building a crib and pile driving which will divert the current of the Scioto river towards the west bank of the stream. An estimate of the cost of the proposed improvement will be prepared at once.”

“The board also decided to visit the site of the new pumping station Wednesday and arrange for protecting a new fill there with piling. All dirt excavated at the site is being thrown over the river embankment for a fill which will give considerable additional ground and provide a front lawn for the plant.”1

  1. Will Build Crib on “Pop Corn” Point. (1912, October 19). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.
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