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The Death of John Jeffords

John Jeffords, a native of Scioto county, who died at his home in Wellston Sunday was buried Tuesday on his sixteenth birthday anniversary. He was a brother of Mrs. George Terry1 and an uncle of Mrs. Charles Noel 2of this city.”

“Mr. Jeffords was born in Carey’s run community. His parents were Josiah and Mary Craig Jeffords. His father was county infirmary superintendent and the Jeffords homestead was on the site of the present county home. The parents are buried in old Alexandria cemetery. Mr. Jeffords was a B and O brakeman about 30 years.”

“He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Seymour Jeffords, a sister of Frank Seymour, a daughter, Mrs. Henry Perkins3 of Wellston and two sisters, Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Arch Riggs of Charleston, West Virginia.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noel and daughter Mrs. Vernon Eaves attended the last rites.”4

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  2. Blanche E Terry Noel
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