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Believe Nephew Also Murdered

“A rumor reached Portsmouth Wednesday from Rocky Fork that the mystery surrounding the finding of bones in the ruins of the Piatt home last Saturday where the two brothers, Oliver and Minor Piatt were slain last week, had been cleared up Tuesday. It was said the discovery was made that Otis, a young son of the late Charles Piatt and nephew of the two murdered men was missing, and it was believed that if the bones found were those of a man, young Piatt is the victim.”

“Postmaster Evans at Pink on Wednesday said people were just surmising as it is not known for sure that the young man is missing. The boy who is about 15 years old is said to have left his home near Buena Vista a few days before the crime to go to visit his uncles and was seen there.”1

  1. Believe Nephew Also Murdered. (1911, January 7). Portsmouth Times, p. 10.