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An Old Citizen Returns

“We had a pleasant call last Thursday from Mr. Enoch Lewis, a former resident of Portsmouth, but now living in Iowa. Mr. Lewis left Portsmouth in 1835, 46 years ago, and this is his first visit to the scenes of his boyhood. He resided in Portsmouth from 1826 to 1835, working during that time in the old tannery of Washington Kinney on Second street, which then occupied the premises on which the gas works are now erected. Portsmouth was a small village in those days, and Mr. Lewis recalls distinctly the events and persons of that period. But few remain of those he knew after an absence of nearly half a century, but he has met Mr. Peebles, Mr. Waller, Henry and PC Kinney1, Mr. Gharky, James Hannah, Mr. Gilbert, Dr. Hempstead and a few others. Mr. Lewis added ‘the old people are about all gone.'”2

  1. Philander Chase Kinney
  2. An Old Citizen Returns. (1881, June 4). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.