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The Death of Bettie Dugan

“In this city, on Friday, the 6th inst.1, of scarlet fever, Bettie M Dugan, aged three years and six months. On Saturday, the 7th inst., of the same disease, Hannah M Dugan, aged one year and nine months, both daughters of Thomas and Lavinia Dugan.”

A monument marking the burial of four Dugan children. The image is of four lambs resting on each other.

“The funeral of these children took place on Sunday afternoon last, and was attended by a large number of our citizens. Four years ago this month, as a strange and sad coincidence the parents buried two other children2 at one time, victims of the same disease. The sympathies of the community are with the bereaved in their great and two-fold affliction”

Headstones for the four children of Thomas and Levina Dugan at Greenlawn Cemetery in Portsmouth, Ohio.

“On Thursday morning, the 12th inst., at the residence of his son, JJ Appler3, Jonathan Appler, aged 77 years.”

“The deceased was an aged and respected citizen, long a resident of Chillicothe, but of late years residing in this city.”4

  1. An abbreviation for “instant”, which means the current month or year, depending upon its context.
  2. Taylor M Dugan and Agnes Dugan
  3. Colonel Jesse Josiah Appler
  4. Died. (1863, November 14). Portsmouth Times, p. 2.