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1912: Portsmouth Sunnyside Lots for Sale

September 13, 1912 Portsmouth Daily Times1

On September 12, 1912, the Portsmouth Daily Times published an advertisement on behalf of Merle O Duduit, Simon Labold and Leslie C Turley, who were offering lots for sale in the Portsmouth hilltop area. The advertisement lists that lots were available from $20 to $35 per front foot. While those prices where subject to change without notice (most likely a clever sales tactic) those prices included brick street and sidewalks described as as “already laid and paid for” and would have surely been a solid selling point in 1912 Portsmouth.

While the inexpensive property, brick streets and sidewalks, and a new school would have enticed many would-be property owners the properties did come with some restrictions:

  • No building nearer than 20 feet of the sidewalk property line.
  • No residence to cost less than $2500.
  • For private residences and necessary out-buildings only.
  • No manufacturing or other commercial business.
  • No distilled or fermented or other alcoholic liquors shall be sold.

Current Sunnyside Lots

  1. Sunnyside Lots. (1912, September 13). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 7.
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