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Reverend David Webb Guilty of Fornication

“The Jury Says That David Webb is Guilty of Fornication”

“They Also Say That Oscar Rickey Shot at With Intent to Wound, and that Abe Meyer Sold Liquor to Minors – The Criminal Grind and Other Business at the Court House.”

“The trial of the Reverend David I Webb, indicted by the recent grand jury for living in a state of fornication with one Eldora Swords1, livened things up in court this morning. The testimony was spicy and occasional sallies between the witnesses and attorneys or the court, amused the spectators and made the lot of the jurymen easier to endure. Harry Bannon conducted the prosecution and Attorney Beatty defended the prisoner. The case went to the jury at noon and a verdict of guilty was returned after a short deliberation.2

  1. Isadora Dement, wife of John William Swords
  2. A Guilty Rev. (1895, September 27). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 4.