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1930: Stelanie Loukes Clubs Intruder at Candyland

Steliane Loukes, owner of Candyland, sweeps in front of her store at the Northeast corner of 2nd & Market Streets in Portsmouth, Ohio. Photo courtesy of Mary Martha Questel.1

“A robber rated second place in a battle with Miss Steliane Loukes, 18, attendant in the Tender Candyland confectionery at 142 West Center street last night.”

“The battle began when the robber slugged Miss Loukes, knocking her to the floor beside the cash drawer. It ended when she drove the man from the store under a shower of blows from a club in her hands.”

“Ordering two five-cent candy bars and some chewing gum, the bandit followed Miss Loukes to the register where she made change. the moment she opened the cash drawer he struck her heavily across the face with his fist, knocking her down.”

“A hurried looting of the cash drawer netted him $5 and would have yielded considerably more had not Miss Loukes attacked him with a club.”

“She drove him from the store after striking him several times and called police. The man escaped.”

“He was described as being 35 years of age, well-dressed and neat. Miss Loukes was alone in the store when the man entered. The robbery occurred at 6PM in the heart of the uptown business section.”

“Miss Loukes graduated from Harding High school this year, the first Greek girl to graduate from the school. She speaks eight languages.”

“She is a sister of Andrew Loukes, proprietor of the confectionery. She has worked at the confectionery since she came to this country several years ago.”2

Article from November 4, 1930 Marion Star
Photograph of Steliane Loukes that accompanied November 4, 1930 Marion Star article.
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