1921: Poppy Week

“Next week is to be poppy week in Portsmouth. Five thousand silk poppies made in France are to be sold by the members of the woman’s clubs and in the stores.”

“The American Legion received the poppies this week and placed them in the hands of Mrs. Isabelle Thomas for distribution among the various clubs.”

“The funds received from the sale of the poppies will be sent back to France for the benefit of the war orphans. The public is urged to buy poppies and wear them this week in memory of the brave Americans who sleep under the poppies in France, whose graves cannot be covered with roses and other flowers on Memorial Day.”

“These silk poppies were made by the widows and orphans of France. The poppies are fashioned after the wild variety that thrive in France. They will sell for ten cents each.”1

  1. Poppy Week. (1921, May 21). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 3.