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An Adams County Man: Obscene Letters

Deputy US Marshall LH Williams1, came over to Portsmouth from Cincinnati Friday evening. Mr. Williams arrested one, Joe Simpson2, who resides near Cedar Mills, Adams county, Thursday and took him to Cincinnati Friday. Simpson was charged with writing obscene letters to young girls in his neighborhood and of sending them to the girls through the mails. Simpson was arraigned before United States Commissioner Bruce3, in Cincinnati Friday afternoon and released under $300 bond.”

“Marshal Williams is on his way to his home in Niles townships4, this county to vote. Marshal Simmons will be up from Cincinnati Sunday, and after voting Monday will, in company with Deputy Williams, go on to Ironton, where they will take charge of a trio of post office thieves, in jail there, and taken them to Cincinnati for trial.”5

  1. Lewis H Williams
  2. Joe Cephus Simpson
  3. John Eldridge Bruce
  4. Nile Township, Scioto County, Ohio
  5. An Adams County Man Arrested for Writing Obscene Letters to His Girls. (1894, July 7). Portsmouth Times, p. 14.
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