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Among Sinners

Judge Harper1 and O.C. McCall2 were in Cincinnati last week and went to hear Sam Jones. On entering Music Hall an usher politely asked them if they were church members. Mr. McCall made no reply, doubtless being somewhat dazed with the peculiarity and directness of the question. The Judge was equal to the occasion, however, and said he was a church member by marriage. The usher showed them to seats on the left of the middle aisle.”

“At the close of the services a gentleman approached them, and noting their gentlemanly appearance, expressed himself surprised that they were not Christians. ‘But how do you know we are not Christians?’ ‘Oh, that’s easy enough. I saw the usher take you over and seat you among non-Christians. That section was set apart especially for sinners.’ The Judge smiled, not only at the queer situation, but at the evident confusion of Deacon McCall on discovering that he had fallen among sinners.”3

  1. John James Harper
  2. Oliver C McCall
  3. Among Sinners. (1886, February 27). Portsmouth Times, p. 2.
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