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Greenlawn Cemetery Sexton’s Report for January 1872

City Cemetery
Sexton’s Report for Burials for January 1872.1

1stAugust Coberly, aged eighteen years; disease scarlet fever.
2ndChild of John Price; still-born.
3rdLize Piles, age unknown.
6th– Child of RN Kendall.
6th– Child of DM White.2
7thChild of Mr. Parker, (colored,) aged four years.3
9thLafayette Sickles, aged twenty-nine years and five months; disease accidental strangulation.
11thCatharine Wolf, aged thirty-two years; disease dropsy.4
14thEmma A Duncan, aged two months and twenty days.
19thMary M Plaker, aged six years; disease scarlet fever.5
27thChild of Julia Early, (colored.)
27thAnna Theeters, (colored,) age unknown.6
28thAleck Stewart, aged sixty-eight years, three months and sixteen days; disease tumors.7
31stKatharine Peter, aged fifteen years and four months; obstruction of menses.

  1. City Cemetery. (1872, February 10). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.
  2. David White, died January 6, 1872. Disease: stillborn.
  3. Josea Parker, died January 6, 1872. Disease: smallpox
  4. Catharine Wolf, died January 10, 1872 aged years, 9 months, and 2 days.
  5. Mary Emma Flaker
  6. Hannah Teeters, died January 24, 1872 aged 21 years, 2 months, and 1 day.
  7. Alexander Stewart