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Dizzy Blonde Caught by Police

“Paradise Alley came to the front Wednesday night with a candidate for the lock-up. Mae Bishop a dizzy damsel of the blondine type, was making merry and the cruel and unfeeling police gathered her in, and she was taken to the Court street station.”

“Miss Bishop was sporting a rig, and stopped at one of the Eleventh street saloons and ordered beer brought to her.”

“The eagle-eyed officer was nearby and he went near to where Mae was and waving his hand in a lordly manner said: ‘Say! see here, that don’t go.’ Mae paid but little attention to the officer, who stalked away, but when he returned later, she had not only had another glass of beer, but also a cigarette, and was puffing away for dear life. The neighborhood accustomed to many strange sights, was not prepared for such an exhibition, and was shocked. Mae had her feet on the dashboard, and displayed a pair of clock-worked hosiery. Her conduct was more than even the police could stand, and she was driven down in the carriage she had hired, and given a reserved seat in the ladies’ parlor. Thursday morning she was assessed the usual fine and paid out.1

  1. Dizzy Blonde Caught by Police. (1904, October 22). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.
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