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Dr. Thomas G Vaughters & Ara Vaughters

The grave of Dr. Thomas G Vaughters and his wife Ara B Jennings Vaughters

Behind Friendship United Methodist Church in Scioto County, Ohio, and within the confines of a protective wrought-iron fence is the large granite monument for Dr. Thomas Guilford Vaughters and his wife Ara Bata Jennings Vaughters. Thomas, son of John Vaughters and Catherine Masson, was born approximately December 16, 1825, in Caroline County, Virginia. His wife, Ara, daughter of Enos Jennings and Catharine Murphy, was born April 3, 1832, in Vinton County, Ohio.

Opposite side of the Thomas and Ara Vaughters monument

On the opposite side of the monument is the burial of Thomas’s brother, John A Vaughters, who was born August 3, 1814 in Caroline County, Virginia, and died April 14, 1891.