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A Letter from Henry Campbell to His Wife

Today we began scanning a portion of the Kenyon-Kirkpatrick collection. This November 5th, 1944 letter from Henry Campbell Kirkpatrick, a soldier stationed1 near the Marine Corps Reception Depot Parris Island in Beaufort, South Carolina to his wife Sara Mildred Kenyon Kirkpatrick who resided at 2112 17th Street, Portsmouth, Ohio.

The letter reads as follows:

I Love you baby

Beaufort, S.C.
Sunday Night

Will write you another letter tonight. Gee! I will be glad when this job is finished, and I can get away from this place, then we can move to VA2 but more about that when I can get more information.

Gee: I hope I get my winter clothes, this week, as I can use them; it is rather cold, it is so damp is what makes it seem so cold. Don’t forget to send moe those papers, of the election in in Ohio.

I hope Henry is feeling a lot better by now, and I suppose Johnny is ok. I swill will be glad to see my little boys, and my little wife. Look out bed here we come.

Well as this is about all the news at this time, I had better close, this issue, there was only one stick of gum in the other one as two might make it to heavy for air mail. I will put two in this one.

Did you get your money O.K.? and do you have enough? Try to save a little if you can honey.

Well darling I’ll close for now, and always remember I love you and the boy.

Love always and always


  1. Most likely as part of a Joint Assault Signal Company
  2. Virginia
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