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Sellards Opposes Veteran Tombstones

“No wonder J. “Tombstone” Sellards1 was opposed to voting for a two dollar tombstone to mark the graves of dead Ohio soldiers who died in camp and hospital away from their homes, and lie buried at Columbus in unmarked graves.”

“We learn from a source that we do not question, that this carpet-bagger from Kentucky was a howling, ranting Jeff Davis secessionist, and was violently in favor of Kentucky seceding from the Union. And yet the Republican party expects its honest men to vote for this turncoat.” 2

  1. Dr. John Thomas Sellards, son of Andrew Jackson Sellards, served in the Ohio General Assembly, 62nd session, 1876 and 1877
  2. Why Sellards did not Vote for Tombstones for the Patriotic Dead. (1877, October 06). Portsmouth Times, p. 2.