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Old Graves Found at Reservoir Site

Composite Image of 3rd and Madison, Portsmouth, Ohio. Copyright 2018, Eli Allen

“WPA workmen on the Fourth and Madison streets pumping station reservoir excavated an old cemetery Wednesday afternoon.”

“Evidence of seven graves was found. A few bones, including a skull, was found in one of the graves.”

“A wooden plank, which served as the bottom of a casket, was found in the grave. It was well preserved. That the casket was many years old was evidenced by the fact that pins of wood were found to hold it together.”

“Residents of the vicinity said the cemetery was more than 100 years old. The graves were found about six feet below the surface.”

“LE Shoemaker is in charge of the excavation project.”1

  1. Old Graves Found at Reservoir Site. (1936, September 17). Portsmouth Times, p. 1.
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