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Fatal Accident in Springville

Last Sunday noon, Alfred Lybrook, a youth fifteen years of age, and son of Henry Lybrook, of Springville, Kentucky, shot himself through the head with a shotgun. The particulars are as follows. His brothers, William and Charles, had just returned from hunting, and they told him to take the guns up stairs. He took the first one up and returned for the second. While ascending the stairway the last time, the hammer of the gun caught on a step, discharging the guns, the contents entering one temple and passing out through the skull, the brains being blown out. Strange to say he lived from eight to ten hours after the accident, and those who watched with him Sunday night say that one time he called for water, and just before he breathed his last he is reported to have said, ‘Father won’t be quiet, and I’ll have to die anyhow.’ His father is seems had been under the influence of liquor all day Sunday. The deceased stood high in the community as an industrious youth, and the best member of the family. His father was shot through the hand while in the army and draws a pension. When he receives it, he generally commences his spell of inebriety.1

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